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Infinite Love Initials Date Gifts

Infinite Love Initials Date Gifts

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Materials & Dimensions


Shipping & Returns

USA: 2-5 days

Canada: 5-20 days

UK, most of EU: 5-15 days

Australia, New Zealand: 10-30 days

Rest of the World: 5-20 days

This is the perfect item for anyone looking for a creative, different and unforgettable Valentine's Day gift to celebrate love. With our Infinite Love Personalized Letter , your loved one will keep their initials and an important date for the couple in a beautiful decorative item. It is certainly the ideal personalized gift for those who want to surprise this Valentine's Day.


  • Measurement: 20x10cm
  • Thickness: 1.5cm (allowing the product to stand without support or base)
  • Material: Ultra Premium Expanded PVC

Tip:  Use a ruler to know the correct measurement, don't rely on a photo.

How is it packaged?

Packed with all the love and care, your product is wrapped in a bubble wrap blanket, which guarantees maximum protection so that it arrives perfect for you. Our packaging contains:

  • Protective plastic over the product (bubble wrap and air cushions);
  • Sturdy cardboard box;
  • The product purchased.


To increase the durability of the product, we recommend cleaning only with water and neutral soap. Do not use sponges or abrasives.


All of our products do not require a support base to stand. Support occurs naturally due to the thickness of the material from which it is manufactured.

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