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Dual Name Illusion Love 3d Printed Gift

Dual Name Illusion Love 3d Printed Gift

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Materials & Dimensions

- PLA Material
- 3D printed using FDM Printers
- Cured and treated
- Hard Cover Fulfillment


Comes in standard cartoon packing or luxury wooden box.

Make sure to choose luxury wooden box ;) your lover's deserves it.

Shipping & Returns

USA: 2-5 days

Canada: 5-20 days

UK, most of EU: 5-15 days

Australia, New Zealand: 10-30 days

Rest of the World: 5-20 days

The product is custom made for every customer. it takes 6-10 business days to be designed, printed and ready for fulfillment.

please consider that in the delivery time.

Delivery usually takes 5-7 business days. 


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